My name is Hellen, I'm 17 years old and I love animals and food, which is why I choose the topics I did. Oh, and I'm Wiccan so there's also that... This semester in coding I've learned way more than I knew was possible. I mainly took this class because I already knew how to code, but in a much older version, but I only knew how to make text boxes appear like in th pokemon games. And in this class i managed to learn how to make a whole website, and how to style it, and how to adjust it to change to fit different screen sizes, and how to style what it should show when printing, and how to colour the text and it's background,and how to ad images and make them look just right. i honestly am so thankful for the chance that I got to take this class, as it has shown me more of something I was already interested in and it was a great learning experience.(Also it was pretty fun just watching my friend Yami be totally confused about what was running on my screen, she kept thinking something bas was happening.)"